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Welcome to the Regional Health Observatory

The Regional Health Observatory database is the Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean's main health statistics repository. You can find a range of health topics such as mortality, the burden of disease, infectious diseases, risk factors and health expenditures.


An indicator is the name for a group of statistical data related to a topic. For example, a collection of death-related values for children would be called 'under-five mortality rate' or 'infant mortality rate'.

A keyword is a significant word in the name of the indicator.

Finding your health data easily

    The 'Find indicator' search box is at the top of your page. Type your keyword into the search box and click on the magnifying glass icon. Your chosen indicator will be highlighted in the left-hand menu. Click on any indicator to generate a table showing statistical profiles for each country for that indicator. To erase the word you typed, click 'Reset search'. To search for related indicators under broad headings, click on any of the categories in the left-hand menu. A closed folder signals a category that it is expandable. An open folder indicates that the subcategories are listed below. A paper icon signals a subcategory; clicking on this icon will display a list of indicators. An arrowhead signals indicators; clicking on this icon will generate a table containing country statistical profiles on your web page.

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